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Multi-Family Capital Improvement Experts In Memphis TN

Multi Family Capital Improvement in Memphis TN

Commercial capital improvements in Memphis TN are designed to add permanent structural changes/restorations to some aspects of property. As such, these commercial capital improvement plans enhance the overall value of the property, increase its useful life, and/or adapt it to new use.

Without the right plan, to this end, your property will continue depreciating in value or becoming less useful over the long term. In the same way, failure to work on commercial capital improvement projects will make it impossible to recreate your building into something more useful.

ENHANCE multi-family properties

The greatest thing you can do with a commercial building is to make improvements that increase its value over time.

As it ages and time passes, the value tends to go down. Buildings tend to fall into disrepair without regular maintenance care, which might lead to accidents and make you susceptible to slip and fall injury claims.

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To ensure all the above scenarios do not play out, you have to understand commercial capital improved value, and the gains you are going to make when you get the perfect commercial capital improvement plan. A to Z Construction Services LLC General Contractor has been working on a number of commercial capital improvement projects in the past. Therefore, you can rely on us to perfect your commercial building by improving it as and when required.



Apart from improving your property, commercial capital improvements will also increase its cost basis, while reducing the capital gains tax you ought to pay when and if you choose to sell it.

All additions to your existing home – including such outdoor additions as flatwork, sunrooms, decks, spas, pools and patio covers – will require reassessment of only the remodeled portion. Therefore, the value of the entire property would not typically be affected by the addition or would not need reappraisal.

Property reassessment is required whenever construction occurs. Therefore, new constructions that are not considered as normal repairs or maintenance will be assessed if they add value to the said property. However, the overall value of the existing property will not be assessed.

When you build a new house, it will be considered as a new construction. As such, it will have to be reassessed fully at the current market value. The additional tax burden would comprise the property value raised by the new home, less the value as assessed of the home that was torn down.

In the same way, leaving one wall up will make no difference to your property tax. Only the value of the land the new house stands on will remain stagnant.

New construction is considered complete on the day it is available for active use. This is the time when the property (or any usable portion) has undergone inspection and is ready for occupancy.


Interested in performing commercial capital improvements in the Memphis area? Want to enjoy commercial capital improved value? Then you need to get in touch with the A to Z Construction Services LLC General Contractor, today.

We have experience with many commercial capital improvement projects. We can create a unique commercial capital improvement plan for you. Call our local office at (901) 452-2667 or submit the contact form, and we will respond ASAP.

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Jackie Hawkins
Jackie Hawkins
We use this company several time and I think they are the best. Chris overlooked the work being done at our house and he was excellent. There is not anyone that could have done better. He was so professional, worked really hard, very polite, extremely helpful in every way possible.He always went beyond and above to please us and make sure the work was properly done and it was. The crew were hard workers and did an excellent job. A-Z has a dedicated employee with Chris and he loves his job. I could not speak how much he did to help us he this job done and done right. I want to Thank you for sending Chris to help us during or remodeling our 3 rooms from floors, painting plus making possible for us to get what we wanted. I could keep praising on how great it was to have him here to help us. Thank you Chris. Terry & Jackie Hawkins
Juan pablo Rodriguez acevedo
Juan pablo Rodriguez acevedo
Excelentes personas y buen trato a quien los visita
Roy Munn
Roy Munn
Very professional. Found the problem and solved it when no one else could. Highly recommend this company!
Kristopher New
Kristopher New
They repaired and repainted a-lot of damaged wood on my house. They did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it and were finished when they said they would be finished. Cant ask for anything else.
Sally Hermsdorfer
Sally Hermsdorfer
A-Z has done a lot of work for my family in the past, so when I had storm damage last December I called them to handle the repairs. Then sent an estimator within days of my call, who explained exactly what needed to be done and what it would cost.. Given the post-pandemic labor situation, the time frame he gave me for completion was reasonable. He brought the workers to my home before beginning and showed them exactly what needed to be done. The gentlemen showed up on the agreed date and finished in a reasonable time. I was very impressed with the care they took of my house: they carefully moved the furniture, put down a temporary cardboard covering to protect my floors, covered all windows and two chandeliers, and cleaned everything on completion. The repairs and painting were done neatly, with a minimum of mess and disruption to my daily routine. Before the workers left they removed all the work debris and swept the two rooms where they had been working. This has been typical of all of the work A to Z has done, and is why I will call them again when needed!
Ruth Owen
Ruth Owen
Excellent job, friendly, timely. Lowest quote by far, for a medium job. Very pleased, even did some extra.

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